Poor graphics and slowish loading times make the Wii version of Cars 2 a weakened form of its seven counterparts.

User Rating: 7 | Cars 2: The Video Game WII
When I got this game for my 13th birthday, I looked like I was being shaken by an invisible giant while the game loaded. Afterwards... well, the giant got tired. To tell you the honest truth, Cars 2 is a brilliant game. But it disappoints on Wii.

The reason why I only gave Cars 2 on Wii a 7 is that it has more problems than any of the other 7 versions of the game. The graphics are bad, the lighting is crap and the loading times are almost worse than Just Dance's motion recognition is dodgy. For another thing, from a video of Cars 2 on X360 that I saw, the position list actually shows what the cars are doing. If you're racing as Lightning McQueen and he's just hit a wall looking pissed, you'll see him do that in his position box. Unfortunately, simply because of Disney thinking WAY too little of the Wii, they didn't actually do that. Just look at Ferrari Challenge. Even Activision know what the Wii is capable of and I thought Disney was better.

This game still does well to please fans of the 2011 movie (like me). But avoid the Wii version if you can.