It may pioneer a new subgenre of racing but Cars 2 has too much fun with its discovery that it gets out of

User Rating: 6.5 | Cars 2: The Video Game X360
This review is only from the content of the amount I played at Best Buy. This is the only game I've seen to reverse the curse of the movie licensed games: A good game can come from a bad movie. Wait--a mediocre game can come from a bad movie. Well...there goes the reversal. Not only is it heartlessly derivative, but it's also as unstable as the cars in-game. Thanks a lot, Disney Interactive.


Controls are awfully easy, but they rip off of Sonic & Sega Racing. Some spotless visuals in the end. I like how the cars are tracked at the left, and how they turn when you turn, and react to items. The actual racing is pretty solid.


The heart, feel, adrenaline, and imagination of its fellow works are gone. There are only three items in my play: Rockets that DON'T EVEN AIM, the most unstable machine gun ever invented for a video game, and a boost that will more likely send you slamming into a pile of crates than into a smooth, swift, and sharp turn! You'll be disgraced at how much Lightning McQueen DOESN'T say "Ka-chow!" There goes a skin of flair. In literal shoot-em-up missions, there are three types of AI (four, counting those cars who literally look like they're arguing. Probably about, "Man, I told you it would've been better if we were at Vice City!"):

1) Sit around and do nothing when I aim at you and kill you.
2) Mindlessly driving around and just asking for it.
3) Sneaky cheaters. Especially the one that always shoots you from the back and makes you fly up like Grand Theft Auto. No points for style there, buddy.

The courses don't have soul. What I mean is, they don't have stuff that really makes pedal push to the medal. No boost zippers, barely any shortcuts (Roshon, you lied), and the only helpful things are items that show up every 5-10 seconds!

Gameplay: 7/10 (B-)
Style: 6/10 (C)
Entertainment: 7/10 (B-)
Amusement: 4/10 (D+)
Smarts: 1.5/10 (F)
Recommended player: 3 out of 5 (average chance)

Result: 25.5 out of 50 (D)

So maybe next time in 2013, Disney, can you have another shot at making another Cars movie, and another actually entertaining Cars game! You call brain-dead AI and unstable racing entertaining?...That's what I thought.

(Score: 6.5/10 = fair)