Very fun to play with the kids. Disruptor is a kick in the pants!! (in a good way).

User Rating: 9.5 | Cars 2: The Video Game X360
This is a very fun game and great for the family. My friend has a PS3 version that plays in 3D and looks amazing in 3D. Too bad the Xbox version doesn't support 3D (although we don't even have a 3D TV, so why am i complaining?) My kids love it and it is very accessible. Online racing would have been nice, but as a parent, im not sure i want my kids racing with strangers online anyway. 4 Player/splitscreen is awesome fun (nobody hardly does that anymore). Easy for beginners and challenging to more experienced players (Try driving backwards if you think you fall in the latter category :) ). Very balanced. Disruptor mode is great fun. I didn't like the movie that much (Sorry Pixar, you are human after all), but the game has all the fun characters from the first movie and is not 'Mater-Heavy' as is the movie. Story line is missing, as in the movie, but in a game it doesn't really Mater (pun intended). Good job you guys and gals at Avalanche Software.