u wouldnt have thought that a game like this could possible be so awesome=)

User Rating: 10 | Carmageddon PC
everything works right ,,-

cars run perfectly ,,its a blast doing missions,,

and run over ppl with your car ,,and some insane stunts of soem sort=) ,,

wreck the car and bang there it is again at the start line or something;) ,,

ppl yeels and its fun to kill the ppl walking on the street,,graphics are goodand the simplicity of this exact graphics makes this uniqew and a superb game,,a gem to keep for years;) ,,

levels are just right and there is just enough amount of depth to the game ,,

it is simply outstanding this ,,everything about ,,it's true =)

enjoy =) , .

choose from a selcetion of just enough cars and they play somewhat different=) ,,

music and every sound i nthe game is awesome=) ,,

-- unique this game,,kind of like trackmania yes =),,

have fun with a beer or two =))

the end and end of log ;P =))