Sci caught us by surprise by mixxing car combat with pedestrian splatter!

User Rating: 8.5 | Carmageddon PC
When Carmageddon first came to my attention, I was completely unaware of its content and gameplay. I started playing and "bang bang, it shot me down, bang bang, I hit the ground, bang bang, that awful sound". It was actually an intriguing sound and I am referring to the pedestrians' screams when you approached them. I often replaced them in my mind. Depending on my mood, I visualised my car running over my language teacher, or some schoolmates I didn't like, but not to worry, my fantasies were coming to an end at that point!

Carmageddon draws your attention with many different ways. You can either finish the race first, or just dismantle every other car participating. Pedestrians are a bonus to your cause and a unique addition, if you ask me.

Some countries censored its content and replaced the humans with either robots or zombies. It is just a game and I strongly disagree with the view that violent games push kids to act violently. Instead, I believe that they offer a way out of violence. It is a parallel world in which everything is permitted.