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User Rating: 9 | Carmageddon PC
Wasn't there a time when you wanted to run over that annoying old granny next door, or splatter some innocent civilians just do relieve some stress?

Carmageddon was created in the innocent and childish time of the gaming era. when you could make a game about french eskimos living on mars, that communicate through kicking each other in balls. Thus Carmageddon was born to counter the accusations of lapses of ethics on developers part by letting you drive recklessly at insane speeds and knock over trees, people and cars in an overly extravagant manner. In fact, the game centered mostly around wreaking havoc than actual racing, unlike the description on the back of the box. Colliding with opponents will make you rain pieces of metal and the damage system makes the cars metal bend and twist in a way never seen before in a game. The game also featured a wide variety of evil devices and power ups to destroy opponents and kill innocents that explode like dolls filled with raspberry jam. There were quite a lot of cars to buy, once you explode them of course, and they are both unique and handle differently from one another. The vehicles don't normally carry weapons, unlike in Interstate '76, but the alternative of colliding with opponents at high speed and watching them break in half while leaking a whole pool of oil and rain metallic parts like confetti, feels a lot more rewarding than blowing them up with a rocket launcher mounter on your roof.

The maps were huge sandbox racing circuits which were amazingly well designed, although you can at any moment, deviate from the track and go exploring the map. In fact, the game almost demands that you do so to find car upgrades, cash rewards, and special weapons to annihilate your opponents in a very spectacular manner. From landmines to ultra springs that launches opponents a 1000 feet into the air, to electric shocks to zap innocent bystanders....
Carmageddon was all about violence and destruction. It was a no brain game for the edgy crowd, reminiscent of Duke Nukem, when all we wanted to have is some old school genocidal fun. There was no plot to this game, no complex mechanics, no objectives besides kill everyone, it was just pure road raging fun that many games these days seem to overlook.