Such a great classic!!

User Rating: 9 | Carmageddon PC
I remember when this game came out is right about the time that road rage was becoming such a big deal on the news. There were almost nightly stories about bad incidents of road rage caught on tape and because of those issues being so fresh, many people weren't to happy about the release of this game. But carmageddon was a game that with just one look, you knew it was gonna be a blast. The car graphics were very nice for the time while the outside graphics were merely just average. The game itself was very unique in how it mixed a demolition derby style race with the pure fun of just running over random people and getting rewarded for it. The level designs were done quite two races felt the same, even though their artwork wasn't the best. Carmageddon was a game that everyone knew would be a classic and still a blast to play even to this day.