This game blows

User Rating: 1.6 | Carmageddon 64 N64
Don't get me wrong, I love Carmageddon, but for the PC. My stepdad found this for me on clearance at an EB or Babbages and thought I'd enjoy it since I loved the PC version so much. However, great on PC doesn't mean great on N64. Just like Duke Nukem port form PC to N64, this game is beyond bad. A rating of mediocre doesn't do justice to the word mediocre. Stick to the PC for this game. The playcontol to me was the worst aspect. I have an N64 steering wheel I got for like 10 bucks used. Didn't try the game with it yet, mostly because I have no desire to ever play this again. Also, if you get the PC version, you can do online multiplayer. In short: bad bad bad bad bad bad bad