Best Racing Series.... ever!

User Rating: 8.4 | Carmageddon PC
If you've never played Carmageddon, let me paint you a picture. An old lady is walking across the street. She stops. Her walker is stuck on a pebble. She tries to wiggle around it but she can't. A car is coming. A red car. The car has blades on it. It's coming fast and right behind that car is about 5 other cars who are ramming each other. Will the old bat make it? The red car slices the old lady in two. You were driving in the red car. You wipe the blood from your windshield and continue racing through pedestrian filled streets, killing anything in your way.

What sets Carmageddon apart from your typcial racer is the fact you get to 1) blow up your opponents by means of force or weird weapons; 2) get to run over stupid watchers just to be cruel and sick; 3) just cruise around a very open city and explore everything. I mean, you know you have a winner when you can ram through a football stadium and "tackle" everyone in sight with your car!

Game also features some highly addictive multiplayer that will keep you coming for more. Since this is an older game, it's also harder for a "today's gamer" to get their hands on it and go to town. There's no photo realistic graphics but there's some graphic images instead.

Pushed the censorship with it's in-your-grandma's-face gore; Great racing game; Actually highly addictive multiplayer; Great sounds/graphics for back then; classic game.

No language filter, although not much of it; Some graphic issues with today's higher end computers.

Just a pure classic. I hope this series pulls itself back together and get's even more gross than ever! Just never, ever release another N64 version of that game.