The game could of been a lot better.

User Rating: 2 | Carmageddon 64 N64
Guess What... This game was published by Titus.. yeah that's right, the same people who made Superman 64, and RoboCop. Being crappy as those are, they are some of the worst games in history. The game could of been a lot better.

You have no idea how hard this game was unless you actually played this crappy game. This game is very torturous to beat. The graphics were ok but lots of people say the graphics sucked. This game was so tough, it made me feel like the Angry Video Game Nerd plus some...

It took me hours just to beat a few levels. The easiest way to beat a level was to crash into other cars. There's a total of 30 levels plus 10 missions making a total of 40 courses to beat. The last one actually seemed easier than some of the levels. Some of those missions just seemed impossible to beat because of constant falling or just getting hut too much.

The games controls are HORRIBLE, it's hard to turn in this game, i kept crashing and dieing,

This game is rated M for mature but you know what, the game should be rated E or T because there is nothing violent about it really.

To sum it up, the game has CRAP written all over it. The Ending isn't nothing special, in fact is bad, all you get is a 45 second cutscene and then you get a paragraph of narration, and you got about 15 seconds to read it, and it's so blurry, i can't even read it. Stay away from this game.