A true timeless classic

User Rating: 10 | Carmageddon PC
This game holds a place in history. First I want to start by stating what I read (based on curiosity myself) and that is that the game is designed after deathrace 2000. It was originally supposed to be modeled after mad max and a few other games, but eventually that theme was decided. It was the first game to include crude violence and mauling with a car. The arcade style racing made it fun to do stunts and just plain wreck your car without caring (there was a repair key). It involved money which eventually was used to upgrade your car (and I think purchase other cars that are unlocked by destroying the drives - could only unlock one per race). The gameplay never got old and you can still purchase this on www.gog.com DRM free which means you can grab the .exe, put it on a flash drive, and start a lan party (or have your friends buy the game, its pretty cheap). There is also a hardware mode on gog's copy which upscales the game with your graphics card. Not much more can be said about this game other than it being classic arcade hardcore fun with violence and cursing. I recommend to anyone who wants a chaotic violent game or looking for the perfect lan part title.