This disappointing port has failed to properly utilize the violence and gore that made the original versions appealing.

User Rating: 3.5 | Carmageddon GBC
Carmageddon for the Gameboy Color is a disappointment that anyone could have predicted. Firstly, the original computer version was meet with lukewarm reviews but was still appealing to gamers who had a penchant for gory violence. So it isn't surprising when you take an game that already isn't great and port it to a system where depictions of gore is limited to the graphical capacity of past gen systems. This game is a bland racer with awkward controls, mediocre graphics and sound, and virtually no appeal to the audience that was the developers intended target (gore-hounds).

The games title and menu screens have some fitting rock music as you navigate through the car selection screen and level select. Unfortunately, all these options make little difference to the actual gameplay as every level have you trying to cause as much destruction as you possibly can as you travel from checkpoint to checkpoint. There is no time limit either so there is a tedious feel about the game from the get go and it never lets up which is the game's biggest fault. You are still able to run over people (zombies) but they don't leave a very satisfying gore stain or anything. They look like a bunch of stick figures with red pixels around them. The game has fully functioning features but many don't work as well as other racing titles and nothing sets is apart from other games.

Mature-violent games have been successfully ported to the handheld systems before, even if they get rid of all the gore. The difference here is that the gore was the only thing that made Carmageddon appealing in the first place and once you've lost that you are left with a game that virtually no-one will have fun with.