The 5 Minute Game

User Rating: 1.9 | Carmageddon 64 N64
I say it's the 5 minute game because after 5 minutes, you realize "Man, I wasted my flippin' money.". So here's what goes on. Take Carmageddon 2, try to port it to a lower-end console, and what do you have? Crap. This game is not fun nor playable. At least there's multiplayer. Oh wait. That's even more unbearable because of the low FPS. Great. I should have bought a dog instead and just ran that over.

It's got a great concept and it's playable on the PC.

The software that they put on the cart... now that's where they went wrong. I wonder if they actually tested the game before releasing it.

Get a decent PC and buy Carmageddon 2. It's a buttload better than this garbage.