At last the Death Race is amongst us once more Brothers and Sisters! Rejoice! Rejoice! and feel the speed!

User Rating: 10 | Carmageddon: Reincarnation PC

CARMAGEDDON REINCARNATION is a masterpiece of murderous wanton slaughter and vehicular carnage magnified to psychotic levels of maniacal madness. Running over pedestrians as they scream for their lives. One of my favorites to run over with my macho metal man machine are those passive aggressive old grannies in their walkers as they give out a blood curdling shriek "I WAS IN THE WAR!!!". Oh the sweet thud of their fragile bodies against hard steel and many a race point earned!

Car physics deliver the bone crunching metal smashing collision dazzling euphoria with ghoulish impact effects as car parts go flying all over the place. I cant count the gleeful moments where my speeding death machine crashed into a street obstacle sending it flying into a pedestrian who ended up dismembered with blood spurting everywhere like a scene out of Lone Wolf's SHOGUN ASSASSIN.

Music is a adrenaline violence inspiring mix of thick heavy metal chords and bombastic electronic beats which has my brain shouting "DEVIL MUSIC TAKE ME TO THE FINISH LINE!" Ya ha! ha! ha!

There are plenty of diabolically designed race tracks of purified insanity blood drenched with all sorts of rewards for the heroic Death Racer skilled enough in the mastery of chaotic mayhem and artistic brutality. Where else can you score victory points for smashing into multiple pedestrians? The more horrified people you hit at one time the more gold you earn! Go on the crazed loop de loop street areas to score BONUS POINTS with a CUNNING STUNT and perhaps even slaughter and mutilate a herd of cows! This is fun! This is entertainment! This is YOU! MY PLAYERS!

CARMAGEDDON: REINCARNATION, BUY IT! PLAY IT! Let the aroused Nihilist in you scream BLITZKRIEG! As you smash into your opponents with overflowing joyful abandon!