A Timeless Classic

User Rating: 10 | Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now PC
Still reigns supreme as far as car-demolition-gorefest-stunt games are concerned. After not playing this game for around a year due to a loss of the game disc, I found myself instantly drawn back in. Replayability and open-ended gameplay make this a must-have for...well...anyone, and everyone. Even though today it's all about soft shadows and pixel shaders this game still looks damn good. Controls are excellent, especially the acrcade physics...they add a real punch of spice to the gameplay. One of my personal favorites as far as features are concerned is the replay/record feature. Being able to watch all of my best crashes and kills whenever i want is a pure joy, even without sound and 3D acceleration. Carmageddon II will always hold a high place on my game rack, Unmatched, Unsurpassed, and Unbeatable.