Car Jack Streets is a solid GTA clone, but the repetitive and mindlessly easy missions don't offer enough variety.

User Rating: 7 | Car Jack Streets DS
Car Jack Streets is a GTA clone. Run around, shoot people, steal cars, earn money, do missions. It's almost all there, it's not executed in the same, flawless way that GTA does it. That's not to say that this is a bad game, it's just not as great as it could've been.

The main grab here is that everything is done in real time. You get asked to pick someone up at 2:30, that's when you go to pick them up. It's a neat idea, although I wish some mission didn't contact you a whole half-hour before the fact, leaving you just loafing around with nothing to do.

You're trying to pay back your debt of a million bucks to the mafia, and to do so you'll hafta do some favors. Unfortunately, these "favors" are pretty boring and repetitive. You'll be asked to do the same thing three times in a single day sometimes! That's just too much. A lot of the missions here are constantly recycled, and it's quite a shame because the ones that don't come around as often are actually the better of the lot. You'd think that those are the ones that the developers would want to pop up more often.

In the end, Car Jack Streets makes up for its faults by offering a relatively low price for a game of its caliber (that is, on the Nintendo DSiWare shop), and if you're too young to give GTA a go, and instead are looking for a teen-rated take on the series, Car Jack Streets will satisfy your cravings until your ready to grow a pair and take on the real deal.