Car Jack Streets is a worthwile alternative to Grand Theft auto Chinatown Wars with a few new features.

User Rating: 8.5 | Car Jack Streets IOS
You Take to streets as Randal, a heavy gambler now in debt of over 1 million dollars, Frankie an Italian mob leader has called in the debt and now you must pay 50'000 dollars every week or your a dead man.
You can take a large number of jobs to clear your debt from standing outside a corporate building and shooting trespassers, to helping the injured in an ambulance. Some of the jobs are legal, but as you can imagine most are not.
The environments are large but not as big as Chinatown Wars so you'll know your way around pretty quickly but still offer that same degree of a vast urban area.
It's not all good news however because the games car controls take an awful lot of getting used such as when I needed to accelerate quickly away from a suspicious cop but ended up reversing into him and would have done time if it weren't for the unbelievably crooked cops. Also while the game promised various weapons for which to wreak havoc there are really only five.
But these problems are far outweighed by the games strengths like the fact that after being arrested or shot up, you can find weapons quickly and get back to your endless reign of mayhem whether it be defending against the mob hoards or shooting random peole on the street and the incredible variety of cars on the street whether they be stolen or bought.
Overall the games real time action, immersive missions and fantastic free roam makes it a worthwhile alternative to Grand Theft Auto and a fantastic game to keep you entertained for hours on end, there really is no end to it!