My review on the brand new mini for psp.

User Rating: 8 | Car Jack Streets PSP
I seen this in the psn store it was like a diamond shining among old dull games.

I immediately read the description of the title because it caught my eye.

After downloading the title i decided to load it up.....There i was pretty much bored because it seemed dull but then after few hours playing this game it is pretty much amazing, Yeah they isn't blood and the deaths may be cheesy but i only paid about over £3 for this amazing title. It definitely is a trip down memory lane because it was so similar to GTA for the ps1, My only complaint is the controls are buggy, i don't really like the whole freeze animation when you crash it's as if the car has been turned to stone by Medusa, I really love some of the songs and i like the variety of missions. Sorry about this only being a half-review it's just that i have to to get back to playing the game.

If you can't afford GTA Chinatown Wars, i think that you should definitely pick up this title it's a bargain!