A city, a science master, and team to destroy him.

User Rating: 9.7 | Captain Commando ARC
Capcom made a good work with this game. At the start you can select between 4 characters with special own abilities, these are:

- Captain Commando (Captain): The total leader of the team, typical american hero. With his powerful armor, he can throw flames, or electrocute his enemies.

- Mack the Knife (Mummy): This strange character comes from the space, he's an alien! He has as weapons, two poisonous knifes. He can annihilate his enemies with them.

- Baby Commando (Baby): Yeah, a little baby in the body of a green robot. He can use it as power gloves, sending his enemies to fly.

- Ginzu the Ninja (Ninja): He's the Shinobi Master. Basically, my favourite. He can use his sword to cut in half his enemies. He's quick, he's powerful. In the Japanese version he's named as Sho.

Each stage has a boss, excepting one of they, the aquarium. Each boss, and each stage, has their own music, it's a nice detail in the game. Some arcade machines can have until 4 players once, always increasing the difficulty. There are, in total, 10 stages, and you must defeat the final boss, Schumocidius, the evil scientist who used he genetic mutation to be powerful. With the music, the bosses, the characters and the game mode, this game is really great, great game. I beated it at least 20 times, with my sister, who has 6. I have 13, but that doesn't matter, so let's continue. I think tha name of the game Captain Commando, comes with the fusion of Cap - Com. Have a good play !