My 1st impressions after beating Captain Commando. Its a fun, weird beat'em up that screams old school gaming.

User Rating: 7 | Captain Commando PS
I, like many people out there, have not heard of Captain Commando till the Marvel vs. Capcom series. Frankly I wasn't that interested at first, till I saw his team. A mummy, a ninja, and a baby? A BABY?!? In a mech suit? It certainly stuck with me that Captain Commando was a bizarre game. When I also found out that Capcom Collection Vol. 2 had both Captain Commando and Strider, I knew I had to get it.After I got the collection however I forgot about it, and it was sitting on my shelf unopened till this very day or rather the day I beat it. But today was a little different and my friend wanted me to come over and hang out and I figured, "why not bring it along?" Little did I know my friend and I would beat it within the next 2 hours. It really shocked me, after getting past the 6th stage I knew we be able to beat it before I had to leave and sure enough we did.
As for Captain Commando, well, the game is short and easy. Granted my friend and I were dying left and right, and if this were an arcade version we be down 10 bucks. But this was the console version and we abused our free life's like no tomorrow.

To say the least the game screams '90s like no one's business. Over the top characters, techno beat'em up music, floor food, and of course, terrible recorded voice audio! Once we beat the game Captain Commando shouted his name; we both laughed at the terrible audio quality because it just sounded so stupid compared to the audio nowadays. Still though, playing this game really brought back memories of playing in the arcades, and hooking up with strangers in order to beat a game and I loved it for that. It certainly wasn't the best beat up I ever played, but it was nostalgic and overall good for a quick playthrough. The fact its so short means I may play this game again with another one of my friends, and maybe actually play this game correctly, instead of spamming to save my life.

Conclusion: Captain Commando certainly holds the spirit of the '90s and while it isn't the best beat up, it certainly is up there, if only for it's over the top characters. I honestly don't know why this series isn't given another chance, I think it can set the gaming world on fire, I mean a Baby in a mech suit?! How can that not get someone's attention?!