Name says it all, want to run the world and make $$$$. This is a good simulation to do that but it has flaws

User Rating: 8.5 | Trevor Chan's Capitalism II PC
If you like micro management strategy games this is by far one of the best ones I've seen. When I say micro management, I mean micro management down to the last price of product.

The basics are simple. You are given set amount of capital (in stocks and in cash). You goal is simple make as much money as you can. You can control the resources to the end product.

In the scenarios, you goals are to gain market share or to introduce new products.

Music is passable, mind you I turned it off due to the repetition of the score. Sound is decent. One of the few ways of seeing how you retail store is doing is by seeing how many people in there and how noisy it is.

Graphics are what I find a bit of a downgrade from the previous edition, not real pictures.

What makes this addictive is the amount of products you can develop and sell. I like statistics and you have menus and menus of choices to see how your faring.

The few flaws I find that would make this a truly classic is there only 9 sections to a building, thus restricting to only a few items for sale in a retail store, like in what real life store only sells 4 items or even 4 of types of items.

The other one the difficulty levels not that difficult. The AI is slow to react. The AI doesn’t have a cutthroat mentality when running its company. I doesn’t try to put you out of business by trying to compete with you on you best product(s)

In all I like the game and that you can replay it over and over.