You will be able to understand the business, without risking money!

User Rating: 8.4 | Trevor Chan's Capitalism II PC
For those who are into the economics and business, this is the best simulator you would ever have. You will be able to learn, without risking money!

Since I did not have the pleasure of playing the first version of the series, I’m not able to establish that comparison. But, with the little experience I have at economic analysis, I must tell you, this is an excellent game. Though some effort is invested at the graphics and sound, that is not its strength, as is not intended to be. Capitalism II is a powerful simulator of real life business development. Although some corporate finance can be applied to understand deeply the problems will be faced by your firm, the most interesting issue is that a non initiated player into the finance matter will be able to understand it and enjoy it. During the several pre designed tutorial scenarios the basic issues of the game will be showed and trained. Then you will be able to exploit all your new skills at the customizable levels and through multiplayer. That issue varies from the proper choice of suppliers, to the optimal leverage strategies, by choosing between debt and stock. I strongly recommend this game for both those who want to have fun while fantasize with having a megacorp one day, for those with real interest of understanding the basics principles of entrepreneurship and have solid plans of applying it