Oustanding biz sim that's great fun as well!

User Rating: 8.7 | Trevor Chan's Capitalism II PC

With this game, it's always a case of "just 1 more turn", happily, that 1 turn never seems to end...

Capitalism 2 is perhaps one of the best business sims i've ever played, despite the fact that there have been a whole bunch of pretenders since then.

Sure the graphics are nothing to call home about, but the gameplay is solid, the business models robust and it's just plain ol' fun. lots of (non-gaming) folks are always complaining about there being too much violence in gaming; well, here's one to try out without that concern, and you might learn something to boot!

I've read somewhere that a Harvard prof. uses this game to teach basic business concepts to his students -- all i can say is, i'm not surprised!

If you enjoy business sims, give this game a try -- you won't regret it!