Best Business SIM or SIM ever created! Favorite game ranking: #1 Capitalism 2, #2 Zelda Franchise, #3 GTA Franchise.

User Rating: 10 | Trevor Chan's Capitalism II PC
Capitalism 2 is probably my #1 favorite of all time with the Zelda games at #2 and Grand Theft Auto #3.

WARNING: NOT FOR EVERYONE! This game takes a tremendous amount of time just to learn, about 3-6 hours just to go though the tutorials. If you do not have a background or interest in business and the fundamentals behind running them it might not interest you and be a little frustrating getting started.

It has a tremendous amount of options, from it's own stock market to buying mansions for your player. The most in depth and addictive game I've ever played.

If you are interested in business and SIMS game this should be one of your favorites. Puts Monopoly Tycoon and anything else like it on the market to shame.

I can honestly say I've probably learned as much by playing through all the campaigns and online about business than I did with my Finance degree. $10 for the entertainment and education could be considered the best deal of the decade for me. That or my college degree was the biggest rip-off of the decade, not sure.

Again, most suitable for those with a business background of some kind (or at least willing to learn) others might be disappointed.