Inspiring Business Sim

User Rating: 8 | Trevor Chan's Capitalism II PC
Capitalism II is probably the best in its class and very original in how it is played.
Allows you to establish and operate most of the details of a simulated business in a realistic market.
There are many approaches to this game for you to choose.
You can simply open up a chain of retail stores and sell other companies' products and/or import them. Wide variety of goods to choose from.
Another approach is to just be a primary producer in manufacturing, mining, lumbering etc to sell off to companies demanding your produce.
A great feature is the realistic stock market dynamics featured in the game. You can make a large portion of your wealth through the trading of stocks of your competitors. Since you normally start with $50m in the game, your returns can be limitless similar to investment strategies used to real stock markets.
Ofcourse, you can be a 'jack of all trades' and take ownership from primary production and product innovation/invention all the way up to sales to the end consumer.
Marketing, product research, mergers & takeovers, property investment, hiring and firing your executives, it's all included. The graphics are 2D and nothing special, but considering when this title was released, and the fact that it's a business sim, this isn't really a major downside.
Gameplay is reasonably simple although you should give it at least 1-2 hours to learn how to thoroughly play this game.
You can pick up this title in bargain bins probably for less than $10 these days - EXCELLENT value for the price provided that you're looking for this sort of challenge in a game.