A great game but it's definantly not for the casual fighting fan.

User Rating: 8.3 | Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO: Millionaire Fighting 2001 XBOX
:Good Idea:
·The graphics are cool. They animations are sweet and the colors are vivid with life. This is one of the best looking 2D fighting games.
·Huge cast of characters to play with, inlcuding all of your favorites from the Street Fighter series (sorry, no Mega Mans here) and other Capcom fighting games as well as your favorites from SNK's games like Fatal Fury and such.
·Color editing options give you a feel for your own character. But you'll just hate when people use all black 'shadow' characters.

:Bad Idea:
·Not the games fault, but you really can't find anyone on this game anymore.
·Some of the moves are a bit too hard to perform unless you have an arcade stick.
·You don't get to really unlock anything, which is one of the main factors in the single player replay value. It's basically have friends that like the game or play the single player until you can't play anymore. No achievements for doing stuff.

·It's a good game but it's pretty much a renter for most people. Not that there's anything really wrong with it, it's just not for everyone. The online modes (if you can find anyone) are a blast though.