Three games in one.

User Rating: 7 | Capcom Classics Mini Mix GBA
Yes, it is old NES port. Yes, their is no extra stuff. Yes, their are some problems with it (I will get to that in a little bit). But, if you are old school and do not have none of the games it is still a good buy provided if you can get it at a good price.

Now with the problems. The biggest one is Strider, not that the game is bad. It is the game coding more pacifically the collusion detection is way off the enemy will be way to close for comfort to get a hit with your sword. Or it would seems like the range of the sword will magically change while the size never changes. Hences you will most likely get upset and wonder why this was never fix for this set of games.

Now for Bionic Commando the problem with it is more designed problem. The first gripe I have is there is no jump command. All you got is the grapple arm and I recommend you brush up on your maneuvering skills with the grapple arm. The second one is the uneven difficulty level. At first it is some what hard and then it seems to get easier as you can get unlimited continues if you want to.

And for Might Final Fight, I do not care for their experience level gain. The first problem I have with it is the last move you do on the enemy is the points you get, for example you jump kick the enemy you get one point but if you knee drop the enemy you get three points. Second one is based on the person you pick to play. If you start out with Haggard(?) starts out at level three. While Guy and Cody starts out at level one.