"Perfect ports of 3 classics, but no extras."

User Rating: 6.5 | Capcom Classics Mini Mix GBA
Capcom Classics Mini-Mix is a collection of 3 classic Capcom games that originally came out on the NES. They are fun but challenging, with Mighty Final Fight being the easiest of the 3. The good thing is that they provide a fun challenge. The bad thing is, with Bionic Commando and Strider being so tough, it would have been nice to have a save system. Same goes for Mighty Final Fight. But at least it still has a password system in Strider. So basically, besides Strider, you have to beat the games in one sitting which is pretty frustrating. Don't expect too much flashiness from these games either, the graphics and sound are from the NES era, but they were nice back then. They are perfect ports with glitches and all. But as much fun as these classics are, Capcom had plenty of space to contain a few other games on the cartridge. Also, there is no sign of any extra on the game. No artwork, tips, sound test, or arcade flyers even. That's dissapointing. But if you're a fan of classic games like these, and like them how they were originally, this is a package worth the money.