A definite must have for old school Capcom lovers!

User Rating: 8 | Capcom Classics Mini Mix GBA
This game contains 3 solid Capcom (one of the best original NES game designers) video games from the original NES system. I basically bought the game for Bionic Commando because I never owned it but I always enjoyed playing it at other people's places. This is the hardest game on the cartridge. It requires a lot of hours to figure everything out and I haven't beaten the game but I have gotten very close. The second game included is Strider, the second hardest game on the cartridge. I haven't gotten that fare in to it but it seems like a decent game. The last game is Mighty Final Fight and it is the easiest of the 3 games. It is a 5 level side scroller that provides a bit of relief from the intensity of the other two games! Overall this is a must have for lovers of the original NES system, especially if you can find it for a good price. Be warned though, this game will suck the hours from your life in a hurry!