A good selection of classic Capcom coin-ops in one portable package.

User Rating: 7.5 | Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded PSP
Capcom Classics Reloaded is the second offering of Capcom's catalog of arcade games following Remixed, bringing most of the games from Classics Collection Vol.1 for the PS2 as well as including some new ones. For the most part, the games are emulated pretty well with the unfortunate exception of the Street Fighter II games. However, gamers looking for a fun nostalgic experience of the golden age of Capcom arcades while on the go needn't look any further.

I've played most of the games in this collection at the arcades when I was younger: 1942, Street Fighter II, Knights of the Round. On the PSP, they look great and many of them play just like you'd expect them to. There are some mild loading issues in some of the games, but they aren't much of a nuisance.....unless you're playing Street Fighter II. I have yet to find a true, arcade-perfect home conversion of Street Fighter II without the inconsistencies and loading times; unfortunately, Reloaded didn't deliver on that. Seriously--the game is not that difficult to port perfectly on a system like the PSP or the PS2 for that matter. Why Capcom can't see that is beyond me.

Apart from that, the selection of titles are hit-and-miss, but Capcom did include many of their greatest hits. Ghouls and Ghosts, 1942, Commando, Gunsmoke--they're all great classics. There are others from Capcom's portfolio that aren't so legendary, but that's okay. At any rate, there's plenty of old-school fun to be had with these games.

In addition to the games, you can also unlock some cool stuff like artwork, music and even cheats (REAL gamers don't cheat!) using an interesting system that's somewhat of a mini-game in itself. Well, actually, it's a slot-machine. You earn credits by playing the games themselves and use those credits to play the slot-machine. Not surprisingly, the prizes are the unlockable content. Depending on your tolerance for this sort of thing, the slot-machine mini game can be a fun diversion or an irritating annoyance--especially if you're not having the best of luck. It might have been better if you could just unlock the content through achievement-like goals, but that's just me. Still, kudos to Capcom for doing something different.

Overall, Reloaded gives you a lot of bang for your buck. You can more or less appreciate the selections of Capcom games included in this package. And it's at a good price now, so it might even be a great value for you. You'd do well to step back into the time machine.