Compilation done right. Street Fighter 2... Near perfect

User Rating: 8.1 | Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded PSP
Hmm.... lets list some of the AAA titles here. Ghost and Goblins, Ghouls and Ghost, Super Ghouls and Ghost, Gun Smoke, Knights of the Round, Mercs, Comando, and 3 versions of Street Fighter 2!!?? Capcom Classic Collection Reloaded is a must have for old school gamers.

When I first picked up Capcom Classic Collection Reloaded, my main objective was to find out how well Capcom ported Street Fighter 2. I was really skeptical as to whether Capcom could get the controls to actually work. If you are a fan of fighting games like I am, the Capcom fighting games like Dark Stalkers and Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max were hard to control. I slapped the disk in, started up the game, and navigated my way to my good old friend... Street Fighter 2. Rather then skip the intro, I wanted to be fully immersed in nostalgia and mmmm... nostalgic it was. I chose RYU and jumped into a fight (vs. Ken of all people.). The first fire ball eeked out and after a second or two I was slinging out Fireballs like white on rice. My test of choice in any Street Fighter iteration is to go from one side of the screen to the other doing only Rising Dragon Punch's. Capcom can thank Digital Eclipse for making this port of Street Fighter the best of any PSP version. Just like the arcades, the computer is super C-H-E-A-P on the "hard" setting. Example.... Guile... doing a Flash Kick while walking.
Playing Capcom Classic Collection Reloaded is a blast but the one thing I miss is the UI from Capcom Classic Collection Remix. Reading about the history of the game and flipping through the images in a scrapped together UI theme made playing more enjoyable. To get to the unlockables, the player has to use whatever points he gained by playing any of the games in the collection and using them to win unlockables via playing a slot machine. This feature should have stayed the same as the Capcom Classic Collection Remix version. While the slot michine adds a new spin to attaining "unlockable" items, having to win all your "unlockables" seem a bit of a cheat.

The drawbacks to Capcom Classic Collection Reloaded are game sharing and loadtime. The games in Capcom Classic Collection Reloaded are basiclly roms running in emulation. Why the games couldn't be loaded fully or optimized like Street Fighter 3 Alpha MAX is beyond me. Game Sharing is misconceiving. Only a hand full of games are "sharable" and of this handful some are 2 player Alternate which really makes no sense. Street Fighter 2 is not sharable. Because of this, I edited and lowered the score from 8.7 to a 8.1.

All in all Capcom Classic Collection Reloaded is an excellent addition to any collection.