With a total of 19 of Capcom's finest & most classic games,what could be better?

User Rating: 8.5 | Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded PSP
Capcom Classic's Collection Reloaded is a great complication of some of the most classic games by Capcom.Each game looks great and resembles the original in an almost perfect way.

The soundtracks for each game are complete and remain intact with some of your favorite tunes,too.

All of the games play well,and the addition of the complication's coin system works just as good,and can some times give you a reason to continue to play more than your favorites,and make new ones.Though the coin system is quite simple.For each game you play or beat,you get coins.With these coins you can go and play the slot machine mini-game.There you can unlock a variety of artwork,music,and cheat codes for each of the games.Its quite a cool system,but it lacks any real depth.Though all in all,the complication is fun.

Final Verdict:If you want a great deal,or you don't have much money to spare,instead of getting one game for your PSP,you can get 19 of them!The over all complication brings back awesome memories for some of us gamers,and can be a blast for others as well.