Calling All Cars! has a great frantic rush to it that makes it feel like a suberb game, even after your done with it.

User Rating: 9 | Calling All Cars! PS3
Calling All Cars has to be one of PS3's best downloadable games ever. It has a great rush to that is just plain great. There are only three weapons to use when you try and get the bad guy, but they work really great, and are fun. There are plenty of cars to use and unlock, so even when your done with the tournament you will keep doing it. It looks amazing too, having a cartoonish look to it makes it seem like a very artsy game. It is also a little funny, like how the money bag got scared of the buglar, i thought that was pretty funny. Though it does have a resemblence of Twisted Metal, Calling All Cars is still a superb game and should be owned by any PS3 user.