The great and very fun game, which isn't ''a one day game'', thanks to multiplayer.

User Rating: 7.9 | Calling All Cars! PS3
Calling All Cars is David Jaffe's latest game and it can be download from Playstation Store. The game is simply, but very funny and good game. The idea is to catch thiefs, which are trying to escape, and take them to the jail. There is also four other competitors and that who gets the highest points, win the round.

You can get four, three, two or one points. You get four points, when you take the prisoner to the helicopter and two points, when you take him to the police car. But usually you have to take the prisoners to the jail and you get three points when you take them to the hardest place of the jail and one point when you take them to the easiest place.

The game contains also three weapons and they can be used for grabbing the prisoner. There is two modes in the game which are pretty similar. The first is ''single level'' where you can change the rules and just drive loosely. The second mode is ''tournament'', which is the main mode and there you have to win the tournament without your own rules. Luckily, the game has also an online game which is very fun and without it, the game ends quickly. Five maps and about fifteen cars are a good package, but without an online game, the game is just pretty short.

Gameplay is pretty clear and simple. It's great gameplay for this game and the AI is pretty good. Also the multiplayer is very good, but the single player is too short and flawed. Graphics are pretty simple and cartoony, but very stylized. Sounds are maybe the poorest thing in the game. Sound effects are diverse, but voice acting is too much repetitive. You could play this game online for a long time, but the single-player is a little bit unfinished.

+Very good multiplayer
+Fun and clear gameplay

-The single-player is flawed and not so good
-Maybe a too slightly of content