calling all cars is very very diappointing and is hardly worth the £5 i paid for it

User Rating: 6.1 | Calling All Cars! PS3
from the guy who made god of war it was a little strange the he turn to aking this game at first it looked good but once you play it you will realise that it wasnt worth all that build up over the last few months and has very little content even for a downloadable game.

the facted that all the cars handle the same is unfortunate for most because the game totaly relies on peoples skill at the game and not a there stratagey so the weak will fall victem to the beter players quite fast and there are only four maps and 3 wepons thay basicaly show you the full game in the trailers so you are beter of watching them.

the sound suits the atmasfear of the game but gets realy anoying after hour of gameplay witch is hard to pull of since it has as mutch content to last 1/2 an hour before you get bord and decide to go back and play god of war before you lose sence of what a great game is and belive me calling all cars is far from great.

the graphics are funny little cartoons that give the game it's style the hole game looks like a comic strip and never get old but unfortunatly the gamplay dose. you would think tay would put more game modes rather than just a captuer the flag tpe of game.

so if you find £5 at home and want to buy a game dont buy this just save it or cheak out so older great games that are worth you interests.