I am nodding my head right about now.

User Rating: 4.5 | Call of Juarez: The Cartel PS3
Too bad.
The game was set in an old western shooter style.
But making it into the modern times is never a good idea unless it was exacuted correctly.
My reasons? Here They are.

Good-A good plot, and the Obama digues is a pretty funny on at best.

Bad-Poor outdated graphics. Mind blowing late texture popins. Poor voice acting. Bad and glitchy during gameplay, for example the game was never tested and that resulted in, glitched out enemies, deaths, and sometimes gets you stuck in areas unless you restart the level. Long load times. The game is like Mind Jack, Two Player co-op completetion is not the same with the single player, good luck with finishing the game twice, on your own! The game is pretty much unfinished and has been rushed. The guns carry the exact same ammo. The map is useless. Too many missions where if you go out a certain piont, you failed. The car is too hard to control, it doesn't let you see anywhere exept for the hood of the car. The weapons feel like water guns due to them not having any recoil. And the games choices really takes you out of the action instead of bring you in. There are too many scenes with slow motion. And the ending is either common or anti-climatic depending on the choices you made.

Glitchy and very unfair, I pray to them to release patches for this game.
till then Final Score is: 4.5 bad!