call of juarez: the cartel xbox 360, review

User Rating: 7 | Call of Juarez: The Cartel X360
its finally here the next installment in the western series, although the times have changed.Is it for the better you still might wonder,
well i purchased this game yesterday and so far i've enjoyed it .When i saw the add for this game a few months ago i thought to myself oh no it's not in the wild west anymore .
The new story is a mexican drug cartel is running amuck in Juarez, and you can play one of three characters in the game, lapd cop Ben McCall ,Kim Evans FBI ,or Eddie Guerra DEA .
Each have their on back history ,MCall is related the the preivous character in the series,
your team has to go against the mexican drug cartel ,your above the law,
in other words alot of shooting ,
the game plays like the previous games, controls are reponsive,although i found it a little to easy to blow up cars, just point and shoot a few rounds and cars will blow up ,
the ai was ok somethines there a bit hard to see in some levels due some level design and also they occasionly be running into a wall or rock and you would just walk up to them and shoot the poor souls, the cut scenes were good maybe a bit long at times but you can skip them by pressing the b button.
The online co-op is good you can have challenges to unlock perks for your character,so it encourages to play on ,
The multiplayer is good there is the typical team death match which you play either a cop or gangster, and there is story multiplayer modes such as protect the judge or shoot him depending what side your of the law your on,
the maps are good as it be in the american woods or the downtown hood areas ,and theres also a buddy system which means you partner up with a fellow player, means you can take on more hits and give out more damage,
which encourages you to team up ,instead of the go it alone .
yes there is some ,glitches and some ugly textures every now and then ,the music score is good reminds me of dog the bounty hunter at times or some western.yes the horses have been replaced by cars and the six shooter is now relaced by a baretta.
If you want a brainless shooter then one is for you, if you want something more indepth maybe not .