Classy western FPS with great accents, story & tons of killing to do.

User Rating: 8 | Call of Juarez: Gunslinger PC

Silas Greaves is one hell of a Southerner who wreaks havoc on the western front as he searches for revenge in this epic first person shooter set in the west of old days. The accents are crisp and neatly done, the shooting mechanics are awesome & the chunk and clunk sound of bullets is satisfactory. The story takes place in flash back as Silas Greaves recounts his adventures of the old & there are plenty of crazy cowboys and Indians to shoot at. Kind of reminded me of Painkiller where you had to kill so many enemies at each level. But what made this killing fun, is the weapons, the upgrades you can apply on your weapons with the XP you earn & comic dialogues of Silas & his enemies as they set out to kill each other. The game rewards you for head shots and unique kills including dynamites and long range rifle head shots. You can use these XP points to upgrade your weapons, when you level up.

The game makes great use of the cover system as you move from cover to cover in the mountains, barns and towns as you take out enemies one after the other. Its easy to sometimes get overwhelmed by the amount of foes you face, but Silas Greaves is one hell of a Cowboy who shoots his way through all troubles to reach his prey. The one on one duels and Mexican standoffs between Cowboys is a nice addition and challenges you to concentrate very hard on focusing and moving your hand towards the gun at the same time. Although it can get a bit repetitive in the end.

My only problem with the game is that the level design starts to feel the same. The mountainous setting has been overused in the game I feel & even at difficult level the game was quite a breeze except a few one on one duels. Revolver, Shotgun & Rifle are the three weapons you use during the entire game along with dynamites. (which are awesome fun, as you can take out a large pack of cowboys with a single one)


Solid story telling.

Gun fights are satisfying & so are the weapons.

Graphics are super hued & beautiful.

Excellent game play & authentic southern accents.


Level design gets repetitive.