An arcade-style FPS!?

User Rating: 8 | Call of Juarez: Gunslinger X360

Imagine if you will that any CoD game, Red Dead Redemption and Super Stardust had a threesome and had a baby, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is that baby. Sorry for the sexual metaphor, but it's a good way of putting it, especially as Silas Greaves, the bounty hunter from the wild-west. This is an excellent game filled with beautiful kill animations, awesome skills, slow-motion deaths and a fun story. Wild-west fans are going to love this frantic and satisfying game.

The story kind of goes like this. Silas Greaves, the bounty hunter returns to Kansas in the year 1910, stops at a bar and tells fellow barmen his incredible story on how he earned his money as a bounty hunter, as he goes through all of the people that he assassinated and the difficulties and challenges that he dealt with. If I go any further, I shall spoil it. Just play the game to find out more because this is a fun story that wild-west fans are going to go nuts for.

As far as other aspects of the game is concerned,

Menus - Have the wild-west feel presented as old fashioned fonts and revolver chambers to present the skill selection.

Graphics - It could look better since it's quite ugly and unrealistic, but the animations are beautiful as you blow the smoke coming from your guns and watching the blood burst out of your enemies as they go down in slow-motion for that feel of satisfaction and power.

Sound - the voice-acting is funny and presents itself as a story being told by Silas Greaves which is wonderful. The music is also lovely matching with the wild-west experience and the drama in your combat.

Gameplay - With skills to develop in order to improve on your slow-motion concentration and your weapon upgrades, it gets more fun and interesting as you go along. The weapons are over-powered yet fun to use. Also, the duelling is engaging and dramatic and it adds a real wild-west touch and zest. Although the gameplay isn't consistently fun, the fun will last around 5-7 hours in the campaign and then you'll want to play again on a harder difficulty. So you'll play it a lot. Even if you don't it's only worth $15 or £10 if your from the UK like me. So it's worth the money either way.

Conclusion - Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is a unique FPS experience that's satisfying, fun and cool. Pick this up if you play FPS regularly or if you want to find something unique and you won't be disappointed.

The Good

Fun Story

Awesome Animations

Satisfying gameplay


The Bad

Could look better