Thankfully..a return to the Western Genre

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I'm SO pleased to see this series return to it's "old west" roots. The Drug war "gangsta" #3 version of this series was a real disapointment. Bravo. I will buy this game for the PC.




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agreed!! still playing multiplayer with bound in blood. cartel was a joke. western all the way!
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I'll pass.

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Loving it so far. Playing the PC version with KB/M. Duels are not as bad with mouse as the GS review indicates if you have on the fly DPI adjust. I love the honor sytem for duels too. Graphics, audio and physics are great too.

Way to go Techland, two great games put out in the last month, Dead Island Riptide and now CoJ Gunslinger.

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It's great so far. I'm two hours into the game and loving it... duels are a real treat. Works fine with kb+m. I recommend playing it on Hard difficulty

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I like the game, and the narration. But I think it's too hard. It would be just as fun if they make it a little bit easier. It's not fun to have to do the same scene for half an hour because you can't get through it. Also, they should be a LOT more clear on how to score more points to be able to buy upgrades. I'm in the last chapter, and half of the upgrades are still locked.