Call Of Duty: United Offensive is the expansion for the first Call Of Duty game. This expansion brings new weapons...

User Rating: 8 | Call of Duty: United Offensive PC
Call Of Duty: United Offensive is the expansion for the first Call Of Duty game. Unlike the first, United Offensive was developed by Gray Matter and received some contribuitions from the Pi Studio. The game was published, as usual, by Activision and released in 2004. This expansion brings new weapons, more maps,
vehicles, other multiplayer modes and a in-game rank system.


The base for United Offensive storyline is the same from the first game (WWII) and like I said on, my previous review, "Call Of Duty" , the storyline isn't the strongest point for these games. Once again, like the first game, we can play with more than one caracther in order to complete the three available campaigns (American, British
and Russian). Since there ins't much more to say I won't dwell more and give the score.

Score: 5.0


the sound perfomance showed no difference at all from the earlier game, United Offensive preserves the same audio quality from the original, despite the fact that still as an incredible performance.

Score: 9.0


This was another section of the expansion (like the ones above) where we don't have something new. I couldn't discover major improvements that could let you astonished. The textures quality remains the same and the weapons continue faithfully represented.

Score: 9.0


Like the first game, the gameplay is the strongest point on United Offensive. With new features, this was the unique category that really improved compared to the
original. The new campaigns;missions;weapons and all frantic action that only Call O Duty can offer, contribute for the sucess of this expansion since the
others categorys didn't receive the same ratings as the gameplay topic. So the United Offensive gameplay is, without a doubt, the best that this expansion can offer to the first
Call Of Duty Fans.


In conclusion, United Offensive could offer much more to the Call Of Duty fans however is good enough to equalize with the first one and even better since the improvements
on the gameplay contribute to a better experience. Altough the expansion leaves that feeling of "that's not enough!".