Call of Duty is an excellent game but not perfect.

User Rating: 8.5 | Call of Duty PC
Call of Duty is an FPS based on the World War II, the game was published by Activision and made by Infinity Ward in 2003.It contains many historical events, including the great batlle called, D-Day, when the allied forces landed on the shores of Normandy and thus began the liberation of France. In the release year, the game had been awarded the tittle "Game Of The Year", given by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.Next year (2004) Call of Duty also received the prize for the "Best Audio" by Game Developers Choice Awards.


As in most fps games, the storyline, usually, is the weak point of these games and Call of Duty is no exception. In the game we play with several characters, whose goal is achieved by performing all the missions, of the campaign. At the beginning of each mission is given an introduction, through slides, that makes the experience more rewarding,because it provides with a better view of what really happened in one of the darkest periods of our history. The campaign mode lasts approximately six hours.

Score: 6.0


As mentioned before, Call of Duty in 2004 won the award for "Best Audio". So it is unquestionable the work done by the producers;the skirmish parts where shots and reloading sounds seemed more real than everything, the engines running the tires screeching as the veichules used their breaks, explosions, like when grenades where used and all other explosive weapons. Everything is done with an incredible detail. The soundtrack is specially important in all the grand stages of the war. Unfortunately the sound work,in my opinion, failed to achieve that level of "unique" as it would be desired,and so it's just a very good work.

Score: 9.0


Being produced in 2003 and taking into account the potential of current machines, the graphics of Call of Duty are obviously dated, yet those who have a good memory willquickly notice the quality of the textures, the faithfull representation of weapons and vehicles present in this tittle. And who has a more detailed look certainly didn't fail to notice the quality of the smoke generated after the explosion of a building, I would say that many games after Call Of Duty failed to represent the
smoke as well as Call of Duty did in this tittle, taking into account the year in which was produced. I can say that in terms of graphics quallity will always be an example to follow.

Score: 9.0


The strongest point of the game is the gameplay. Either in Single Player or Multiplayer mode the perfomance is great. The game offers an incredible experience that can create the illusion that we are really there, in the middle of a war, danger at every corner and that we could die at any moment. It is possible to check this especially in large scale missions like the Normandy landing. Moreover, the game can create large moments of adrenaline in other ways such as the sudden and thriling scenes of direct combat with the enemy soldier.Without a doubt the gameplay is the best offer that Call of Duty can provide us!

Score: 10.0