Pretty good take on the orginal PC game but lack something

User Rating: 7.5 | Call of Duty Classic PS3
The Call of Duty classic is a good game with a fair few campaigns, playing as a British, American & Russian soldier respectfully. I have never played the old school CoD games so was very intrested to see what it was like.

The campaigns is pretty good wide range of missions all over Europe even a tank mission as well. The graphics are pretty neat but nothing like MW3 which is to be expected seeing its age. There are a few flaws i incounted the AI is not very smart they would stand in the open and run around back and forth doing nothing. Shooting enemy soldiers at times was annoying some weapons i incounted i had to fire 7 shots to kill one at close quaters while other weapons you can blast away inside a bunker and kill for enemy standing at the door (hence not so smart AI) On average i think i had to shoot the same enemy soldier 2 to three times to kill them.

Mission objectives were pretty clear but updating mission during gameplay was annoying at times trying to find your way somewhere to blow up a AA gun to finding something to destroy a tank. had to listen and press "select" for the objectives menu alot.

Having never played the PC version before i cannot comment on what it was like in comparison, In my opinion this was a pretty good graphics were pretty good but to me it lack something maybe to much modern warfare might have spoilt the taste perhaps but still worth playing for any CoD fan to see where it all began.