A really good start for the series :D

User Rating: 8.5 | Call of Duty Classic PS3
The first Call fo Duty that I had the chance to play was COD2 on the XBOX 360 and I was floored with the presentation, gameplay etc. And after the recent release of the COD MW3 I just needed to check out the first game, and I wasn't expecting much, so I was pleasantly surprised.

You can tell by the presentation of the game that's an older game, but still looks pretty nice on the PS3, the textures are plain simple, but everything else is smooth, good frame rate and audio design. The gameplay is a little different but still very challenging and it was pleasant to keep trying to beat the stage over and over, with a lot of cheap shots on my head.

I had to play this game on the hardest difficulty, and it was pretty challenging, and in some instances where the save points were too far apart from each other my heart was pounding like never before, since you can die from one shot it was nerve wracking. I'll definitely will go back to this game in a few months. It's a great title, but not sure about the multi-player, not for me. Go get this ;)