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User Rating: 10 | Call of Duty PC
Between the first person World War 2 game and the jump to the mondern first person shooters like Halo and Killzone, Call of Duty was the very first videogame on the Pc and in 2009 re-released on the mondern day consels, Call of Duty had a number of spin offs and sequals. This was the start of the mondern WW2 shooter.

Good-Good graphics, weapons vary power so you need to know which weapon to take with you, The battles are breath taking, the characters are fun to know, it's lengthy and the sniper rifle is very useful.

But yet again, problems appear in game.

Bad-Gameplay might be boring at times, the game on normal is hard to navigate with the map system, there are bullets flying everywhere at once, the weapons feel stronger then they appear, and the game has no extra's exept for Multi-Player.

People if you can get this game on any system, then it might be worth it.
Final Score:
10 epic sucess!