The best WW2 FPS since MOH Frontline.

User Rating: 8 | Call of Duty PC
This game rocks Infinity Ward has outdone MOH Frontline since i played that game on PS2. Call of Duty is the Mega Blockbuster Franchise which is now record Breaking seller this one is the origin where it all began.The action is pumping it will kepp you on your toes all the time exhilarating Camp[aign mode which has the most thrilling gamplay i have have played thus far.

GRAPHICS:its built around ID Tech 3 AKA quake 3 engine but heavily modified by Infinity Ward which resulted in avery good looking game back in 2003.

GAMEPLAY&SOUND:this is the part which has won many gamers hearts including mine aswell its fast,frantic,explosive and mixed with sound which excels all others games out there.

Value:this game really stuck to me and never let go of me until i finished it A BLAST !@#$%^^&