Call of duty is indeed an instant classic. If you like to play war shooter games this is the ONE.

User Rating: 9.5 | Call of Duty PC
Call of duty is an instant classic. The game has it all. Nice graphics (i am talking 2003 guys, dont be mean), suberb voice acting, perfect sounds of battle and the brutallity that only ww2 can offer.

There are 3 campaigns that you will face. Americans, great britains and russians. You start as an american who is parachuted behind enemy lines at normandy invasion. Quite a show. Beautiful scenario. Quite bucolical, you land in a farm. Soon all that ordely and peaceful pleace is going to hell. Large airplanes send more troops into the battlefield and anti aircraft cannons start to defend german ground. Its nice to see that bullets risking the sky. Its ironic. How such horrific thing can be so beautiful too ?

But if you think that the most gruesome combats will be taken place in this stage of the war, wait untill you play the russian part. Comparing to Stalingrad this place was a heaven. (Well actually the russians fight the germans. The French gave up even before firing a single bullet. Even with the Maginot line failing, why they simpy dont crush the Germans who were deeply advanced in France and then came back to face them in a guerrila fight ? For me they were cowards. Simple that. So this explains why the germans did not destroy France as they did to other countries) Well, you will have the chance to blow tanks, operate machine guns, take guns from the dead enemies and plant explosives. Lots of explosives.

Russian campaing start at the retake of Stalingrad. The city itself is in utter ruins. You will have to face the germans in their full strength, well... unarmed. Yes, you heard right. You will have to climb a hill without guns. Remembers me a movie from vietnan in which americans soldiers had to conquer a hill from the vietnamite. This event of war was named hamburger hill. Lots of deads. Just that from the russians was worse. If you tried to came back, you would be shoot by your superior, so you wont have much of a choice, do you ?

This was shocking even for me. Of couse i already saw many movies from ww2 conflict, but being able to participate via a pc game brought me a deeper sense of respect for those man and to understand better the cruelty and crazyness of war. Makes you think what you would be able to do to defend your country. Or the lives of families you never heard of.

Simple put, the father of war shooters. If you love or just like to play good war shooters, thanks this game here, because it helped to raise the interactivity and realism of the future shooters.