Better than the first and second

User Rating: 9.4 | Call of Duty: United Offensive PC
When you first jump into this game, you will know right away that you love it. It starts out with a jeep ride through the Ardennes to being a bomber in a B-17. The graphics on this are great but could be upgraded. The gameplay on this is incredible, especially the mutliplayer. The singleplayer has three different campaigns, just like the first and second one. First you fight alongside the Russian army taking back what they lost on the Eastern front. Then you travel to the other side of the continent and fight along with the British. There you will b a bomber pilot shooting down the Luftwaffe and blowing up a major bridge as a locomotive drives on it. Then the last campign is the Americans, here you will fight in the Battle of the Bulge as you take over Foy, Noville and a raid through the forest. The multiplayer is better than than the singleplayer because of the replayablility and the new things you will encounter. You can find servers with tons of people in them. Choose from over 10 different weapons and fight with the Nazis, Americans, British, and Russians. Overall I think that this game is great and that everyone who enjoys WWII fpses should give this a try.