The first Call of Duty in the series is amazing, yet the most forgotten.

User Rating: 8.5 | Call of Duty PC
If you said "Call of Duty 1" to someone, they would most likely reply, "That is an old and boring game." But Call of Duty is an amazing game that I am glad I experienced. Since our good computer broke down I was forced to get into some older games, (Mostly from 2003 or 04) I got Call of Duty and I was amazed how fun the game still was. I had never played the game before and now that I have I can officially say that I like the game.

Call of Duty starts you off as Private Martin, a paratrooper in a training camp that goes through all the controls and game mechanics. You go through various missions and then you advance to the British Campaign. I liked it how you switch between the Three major allied offensive forces in World War 2 during the game. After you do really well in the British army you go to the British SAS, which is when the game goes to the unrealistic side. What starts as a stealth mission ends up being a deadly bloodbath. You infiltrate enemy bases with only usually 1 or 2 more men. You infiltrate a German Battleship with one other man, alert them of your presence (Which you can't help by the way) and escape! What are the chances. It is almost the most frustrating part of the game because you have a health bar instead of a regenerating health system. Sometimes during the game i found myself a a checkpoint with one pixel left on my health bar and I couldn't get up without having my face blown off so I huddled into a corner and stayed there until the end of the mission.
The Russian campaign is the best I think. The first mission you land at a beach and don't even get given a gun (You are told to pick up a gun if anyone drops one). But I couldn't find any because no one has guns in that mission. Only a Sergeant who can't die. But it had my favorite Call of Duty moment in the whole game that mission did. You land at the beach and you are shell shocked watching planes bombing all around you and strafing at all the people running beside you. Everyone falls with a spurt off blood where their head should have been. It was amazing. The second mission of the Russian missions you receive guns from fallen soldiers when you are retaking red square. Another thing you might happen to see is the all your soldiers die only to be replaced by more incoming endless reinforcements until you complete the mission. You drive tanks when you are a Russian and I noticed some building get their walls blown out when you fire at them. I also like the roadside chases in Call of Duty. American Campaign: You are in a car in the passenger seat and you can lean out the window and fire it feels like a First-Person Grand Theft Auto. British SAS: You escape a Hydro-electric Dam you infiltrated in a German Lorry, you fire PanzerFausts (Rocket Launchers) at German cars perusing you.

I think I have wrote too much now, so end this up I think Call of Duty is an amazing and classic, old game that everyone should play. I can see how everyone thought is so good, especially back in 2003.