The classic Call of Duty finally reaches the PS3 with some fine features, including online play, but the is a few cons.

User Rating: 8 | Call of Duty Classic PS3
The Call of Duty classic is a fine game with an awesome campaigns, I was really excited to buy this because it is the first Call of Duty and it was known to have awesome sound effects (for the PC).

The game-play of the campaigns is seriously great, with fine graphics for it`s age and interesting storyline. But, like all games they some flaws, first of all the AI is not smart, many times I`ll be running around only to see an AI standing there doing nothing to assist his comrades under fire. Other times you have to LISTEN VERY CLOSELY to the objectives which can be very annoying while you blast away with whatever gun you have at enemies.

The multiplayer in this game is a different story, the bad news is that the maps are so large (to me anyways) that lurking around with seven other people is like a game of hide-and-go-seek. The lobbies are terrible to find because it based on player hosted matches.

I do say this is an awesome game, but they should have added more features to the game and fix up some lows that the PC version had. I am a little disappointed that the sound effect was not the best and I wished they improved the multiplayer but a good 8.0 sounds right to me.